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Introducing Borneo - The Truly Unique Eco Tours Paradise of the New Millennium

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"The Good Eco Tours Guides Are Those Who Had Lived The Experience

The Best Eco Tours Guides Are Those Who Are Living The Experience" - Borneo Travel and Trip Advisor


Eco Tours Idea Planning for your next vacation with a taste of nature? Or...,

Eco Tours Idea Thinking of going for an eco tour adventure to explore a new experience in a new exciting ecotourism destination?

Eco Tours 1 Want to go Jungle Trekking through million years old rainforest?

Eco Tours 2 Discover the rich and colourful multi-cultural Indigenous Peoples?

Eco Tours 3 Be one with nature with unspoilt Flora and Fauna?

Eco Tours 4
Visit million years old Limestone Caves?

Eco Tours 5 Soft adventure
at top National Parks?

Eco Tours 6 Journey on a longboat for a
river safari?

Eco Tours 7 Catch a glimpse of the Largest Flower on the Planet?

You are one step closer to that dream Eco Tour you've been waiting to discover.

Travel to Borneo, the truly unique Eco Tours Paradise of the new millennium, on your next holiday.

Borneo Eco Tours

Borneo may still evokes images of primeval forest, rainforest jungles, rivers and head-hunters as depicted in the past, but today's modern Borneo (in particular the Malaysian Borneo part of Sabah and Sarawak, and the sultanate kingdom of Brunei Darussalam), has not only retained most of its greatest assets for a breathtaking eco tours unique to this region, it is also today well equipped with international standard tourist facilities include first class spa hotels and beach resorts, jungle resorts, fine golf facilities, etc., where the only danger is of being 'eaten alive' by the most efficient predator in the world - known as civilization.

The assorted eco tours gives you a wonderful opportunity to get close to the wildlife and bio-diversified floras, as well as appreciate the culture of the colourful indigenous peoples, but you can now indulge in luxury and comfortable surrounding in one with in a natural environment, exotic outdoor setting and unspoilt beaches, or rough it out in controlled eco tours environment. For those who are looking for a new and fascinating place to visit, Borneo is indeed an ideal setting for your dream eco tour.

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